Jazzknitting is a creative and liberating way to make the most of knitting's natural tendencies to curl, pool and stripe while using hand-painted yarns. Like Jazz musicians responding to each other's melodies, Jazzknitted shapes are directly affected by the dyer's decisions. Carefully chosen skeins can provide a wealth of possible knitted forms, each more intriguing than the next.


Jazzknitting is fun and stress-free. There are no swatches or mistakes to make, no stitches to count, or charts to follow. Jazzknitting is truly knitting with no worries, yet unlike free-form knitting, there are principles guiding a variety of structural decisions.


Jazzknitting: An introduction is about the design process: about experimenting, trying subtle variations within strict parameters, one idea building on another as a way of inventing new forms. This big 22 page book is filled with technique and inspiration, color, glorious photos, and yes, even a few patterns.


Jazzknitting: An introduction, makes its debut at Sock Summit, Portland, OR Convention Center, July 28-31, 2011 in the Blue Moon Fiber booth in the marketplace where the author will be analyzing Tina Newton's beautiful skeins for Jazzknitting use.


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